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AI tools as team members and not leaders in Software Delivery amidst the advancements

For the past few days, I have been reflecting on the crucial role of Human touch in software delivery. When…

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A conversation on Objectivity and the ever-evolving technology ecosystem in Rwanda

I had a great conversation with MeliaCRED conversations, where we talked about

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How to Attract Developers to Your Company: A Complete Guide on Making the Right Investment

What Does It Take to Attract Developers? Attracting and hiring developers is no easy task. Companies need to create an…

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Tips on Staying productive while working from home

Get out of Bed Please! 😁.It is hard getting out it when you can work from your bed. But working…

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Advice of HE President Paul Kagame to Entrepreneurs

I had this question for a long time. In the Youth Entrepreneurship Town Hall with H.E President Paul Kagame and…

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Is AI a major threat to the majority of human jobs?

AI is a short form for Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to make decisions and perform…

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