Is AI a major threat to the majority of human jobs?

AI is a short form for Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to make decisions and perform certain tasks, commonly referred to as “Robots that can make decisions”. These machines are able to accomplish their work without the involvement of manpower. They are mostly used in factories for performing complex work in a short period of time, They are also able to perform day and night, of which humans require some rest time and a lot of workers for working night and days shift for performing the same task.

Is AI a major threat to the majority of human jobs?

AI will not replace human jobs, AI will replace tasks. AI machines are like computers and smartphones that we use daily. Computers haven’t replaced human jobs. They have increased human productivity in their jobs. It is the same for AI, It will not take away jobs it will improve productivity and help us perform more in other tasks that AI will not touch.

Why should one fear AI?

We have seen technologies of drones by Zipline save lives in Rwanda. These drones use AI to make life-saving deliveries ranging from urgent blood delivery to different health medication and materials. Every technology is feared in its genesis, It was the same for the internet. We can all agree that the internet has done more good than harm to mankind.

As a tech enthusiast, a tech contributor and most of all a human, I can’t ignore the danger that can be caused by unmanned machines. But instead of fighting against technology that can save, change and make our lives better, we should invest in technologies that can prevent the danger and set regulations for preventing and govern the production and use of this technology.

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