Tips on Staying productive while working from home

Get out of Bed Please! 😁.It is hard getting out it when you can work from your bed. But working from bed attracts sleep and you will not be able to concentrate on your work for more than 3 hours.

Twitter and phone app notifications are enemies 😈 of working from home. Set usage time limit of apps that distract you the most and disable notifications of them.

Avoid Netflix at all cost. We all know how one episode turns into days of no work at all 😁.Instead award yourself watching a show/movie after completing your day tasks.

Remember to EAT and Eat healthy 🥗! When working from home, Time seems to move fast than usual and sometimes you just notice that it is 5PM and you haven’t taken breakfast and/or Lunch. Avoid lots of snacks. Set an alarm for reminding you Time to take care of that stomach 😊.

Party🕺🏿 and Celebrate the small wins in this period. Either as a Team on Video Conference or as an individual. I personally throw a one man party in my room on Friday for celebrating my week’s achievement(Might sound crazy but it is fun).

Lastly, Keep it fun and simple. After all you are at home. Check on your family and friends and keep that SMILING FACE 🤗.

Remember! Brighter days are yet to come.

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