Tips on Staying productive while working from home

Get out of Bed Please! 😁.It is hard getting out it when you can work from your bed. But working from bed attracts sleep and you will not be able to concentrate on your work for more than 3 hours. Twitter and phone app notifications are enemies 😈 of working from home. Set usage time…

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Advice of HE President Paul Kagame to Entrepreneurs

I had this question for a long time. In the Youth Entrepreneurship Town Hall with H.E President Paul Kagame and Strive Masiyiwa. I had a chance to ask it and got not only the answer but also advice from The President of Rwanda. Watch the video of the question and answer here 👇

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Is AI a major threat to the majority of human jobs?

AI is a short form for Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to make decisions and perform certain tasks, commonly referred to as “Robots that can make decisions”. These machines are able to accomplish their work without the involvement of manpower. They are mostly used in factories for performing complex work in…

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