A online design tool for designing and ordering magnets.


An agriculture platform digitising marketplace for agricultural commodities and bringing closer service providers to the farmers.


An Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) tailored to address business challenges with IT, Doxa offers core modules in Human Resource (HR), Logistics, Accounting, Inventory Management, Project management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). I worked on Doxa as a Lead developer for a year.


School management software. Gate7 helps schools centralise and streamline their operation. It keeps parents informed on their child’s daily activities at school. I worked on the product as a full-stack engineer from the start to the release of the first version.


A school management software with LMS. Based on Gate 7.


An Andela product used to monitor and manage fellows in the D0&D1 space. I worked on the product as a full-stack engineer.

CBC Hiring Platform

CBC Hiring Platform helps recruiters/companies in hiring graduates of Careers Building Consultants(CBC) training from various departments like Housekeeping, Front Office and Protocol, Culinary Art, etc. The platform enables CBC to keep track of the hires and has up-to-date data of graduates.

Intelligent Forms

One of the many products I am so proud of because we built it in a 48hours hackathon. The app allows creating dynamic forms that allow saving data both on the platform and on the external application of a client.

Rwanda locations API

An Open source project I started under DevRW Community. The API enables developers to have access to the location in Rwanda from the Provincial level to the village level.

Jacques Nyilinkindi